These days slimming garments and body shapewear are not made just to make you look great. And those garments are not just made for women anymore either. Men and women today, in addition to wearing undergarments that improve their overall appearance, also wear back support undergarments as well. This type of garment can do wonders for relieving back pain and come with all sorts of additional benefits too.

Some back supporting undergarments also work to support the shoulders and spine while others will enhance the hips or form the thighs. Other garments may work to slim the waist and then there are those that are meant to give your body shape. There are so many different back supporting undergarments to choose from that it is best if you base your decision more on the other things that such a garment can do for you.

Another factor that should play into your decision has to do with how you want your undergarment to look on you. As with any type of garment some are made for style and some are made for function and which one you choose should depend on what type of clothes you will wear in conjunction with the undergarment you choose. In order to begin thinking about which type of garment you will wear you will want to know what some of the most common back supporting garments there are out there. Three types of undergarments in particular are great for offering the back support you may be looking for.

Back Supporting Underwear
Believe or not you can actually get the back support that you need form a pair of specially designed underwear. They even make this type of underwear for both men and women. What back supporting underwear usually consist of is a pair of panties or boxers that extend up as far as the mid-section. The material of the garment reaching to the back is what gives the back the support it may need. There are many different styles of these so shopping around to find the perfect one for you is the key.

Back Supporting Girdles
Girdles are another common choice for those looking for back support. Men’s and women’s girdles are available as well and the number of styles in girdles is hard to tell. There are girdles made the classic way, panty girdles, waist girdles, and so many more. You should choose a girdle based on what in particular you want it to do and it will do more for you than support your back and give you the slimmer waist you want it to.

Back Supporting Shapewear
Another popular type of back support undergarments you may choose are full body shapewear suits. Many individuals find these preferable as they will help improve your thighs, your butt, and your hips too. You can get the back support you need while getting the body you want all in one simple undergarment.
Back support undergarments are becoming more and more popular so why wait to get one, there should be nothing stopping you. Relieve yourself from back pain and at the same time give your body image a little boost too.